Hello, I’m s5ean.


“Hey everyone, this is s5ean from Microsoftsoftwareswap,  Currently My Previous subreddit r/Microsoftsoftwareswap is Banned from Reddit. That reason I have opened another subreddit it’s called by r/Microsoftsoftwarswap , I started selling on Reddit back in August of 2014 and for 8 years I provided software keys to the members of Reddit, Unfortunately on October 5th, 2022 Reddit decided to take down our subreddit. I have been scrambling to message as many old customers I can find so that they can find me but I decided to make this website : microsoftsoftwareswap.com  so that people can google my Reddit name Microsoftsoftwareswap or s5ean microsoftsoftwareswap  and find me this way. Below you will find a link to my discord name: S5ean#5359 , as well as a Every customer can find my pricing list on my Microsoftsoftwareswap.com website or My current subreddit r/microsoftsoftwareswap

Beware of a spammer, Someone trying to represent him as a s5ean and he creates a website using my name” s5ean”

Reddit Microsoftsoftwareswap Current Pricing list.

Here is latest update price of Microsoftsoftwareswap reddit. 

  1. Microsoft Office 2021 professional for windows- $59.99
  2. Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business for Mac -$69.99
  3. Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional for only $49.99
  4. Microsoft Project 2021 professional for only $49.99
  5. Microsoft office 2019 Professional for windows $49.99
  6. Microsoft office 2019 Home and business for mac $59.99
  7. Microsoft Project 2019 professional only $ 39.99
  8. Microsoft visio 2019 professional only $39.99
  9. Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for only $30
  10. Microsoft office 2016 home and business for mac only $39.99
  11. Microsoft windows 11 Home only $49.99
  12. Microsoft windows 11 Pro only $49.99
  13. Microsoft windows 10 Pro only $39.99
  14. Microsoft windows 10 Home only $39.99
  15. Microsoft windows 8.1 only $29.99 
Are you looking any others product keys ? ask me at Discord : S5ean#5359  or Email me at support@microsoftsoftwareswap.com 

Hey, This is S5ean from Microsoftsoftwareswap , Currently My subreddit got banned by reddit update, Don’t worry i have run another’s subreddit it’s similar to my older subreddit , You can find my new subreddit here r/microsoftsoftwarswap 

You can reach to s5ean by discord , Here is My Discord user name: S5ean#5359

You can reach me at reddit in this subreddit. or Massage me r/phrasedi